Meet Cogito

Cogito specializes in bringing the public into sophisticated dialogue about transportation, land use, and economic issues. Creative methods for conveying complex information, ability to clearly articulate differences in perspectives, and decades of experience negotiating workable solutions characterize our public engagement strategies. Based in Lane County, Cogito is a local partnership of three women who hold 60 years of combined experience in the fields of land use, transportation, and economics.

Christian L. Watchie

Christian L. Watchie has worked since 1994 developing innovative transportation options programs, successful strategic planning processes, and fresh approaches to engage the public in land use and transportation decisions. Her work in transportation policy, planning, and development has led to creation of regional and state models for student transit pass programs, congestion mitigation outreach, expansion of transportation options individualized marketing programs (SmartTrips), and multimodal connectivity strategies.  Christian is a graduate of Huxley College of the Environment with a degree in Environmental Planning and Public Policy.
(541) 337-9519

Julie Fischer

Julie excels in managing public involvement projects related to land use and transportation.  She creatively guides public and private organizations to clear outcomes.  A resident of Oregon since 1987, Julie has a vast network of trusting relationships with a wide variety of advocacy organizations and public agencies.  With 25 years in public involvement, land use and transportation planning, Julie understands how to involve diverse interests, facilitate efficient decision-making, interpret local, state, and federal rules and regulations, bridge the gap between technical experts and the public, and deliver a successful product on time and on budget. Julie has a Masters Degree from the University of Oregon in Urban and Regional Planning.
(541) 556-6654

Ellen Teninty

Ellen is known for insightful analysis and strategic action to bring new chemistry to public processes. She can engage complex economic issues; hold the challenge of political realities; orchestrate discussion amongst widely varied perspectives; and push unlikely partners to common purpose. Her clients say that she is the most gifted of facilitators, who brings calm, humor and an experienced perspective to her work.  She is known to actively include all voices, which is critical when working on polarizing issues and on highly technical issues. Ellen is a graduate of Harvard University and does this work because she believes that a well-run democratic process is a requirement for a just society.
(541) 345-5091 or (541) 913-4884 (cell)