Eugene City Hall Complex Master Plan

Cogito designed and led a city-wide, comprehensive public involvement process to create a unique vision of Eugene’s most important local civic building—the city hall. Over a 2 ½ year period, we used multiple innovative methods to engage the public in understanding the project’s complexities and trade-offs, and were able to represent the input gathered effectively in both the policy and design arenas of master planning. Both the methods employed and the talent of the personnel led the Mayor to hail the work as a model for the city in future efforts. The public involvement process included six large forums, six specialized input groups, presentations at civic groups, and direct interface with the public by staffing a display at community events. The project generated an interested parties list of over 1000 individuals who received Project Updates via email. The project included direct recruitment of underrepresented populations, including youth, minorities, and individuals with disabilities. The result was an inclusive conversation that provided for a direct interface between city staff, consultants, elected officials, and the general public. City Hall Complex Public Involvement Final Report.